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  1. Hello,

    i love your work. Sublime mixture of favourite styles and influences. Was really lucky to discover Forgotten tales about an year ago and now that finally Last Band Standing is out i am glad to report it is equally if not more enjoyable and transcendental ;]

    Are there any live performances planned in 2011? I can’t seem to find any info through the obvious channels and would love to see you live

    1. Hello Bogo,

      Thanks for the lovely comments. As a live band we are undergoing a bit of transitional stage. There may well be some gigs in Late 2011 and almost certainly some in 2012. What country do you live in?

  2. I found you from the track on the Songlines CD – loved it! Hope you don’t mind me using it for my Zumba class – I get 30 sweaty women dancing along to some whacky choreography.
    Please let me know if you are doing any live gigs and don’t forget that England has a northern bit.

    1. Feel free to use it, I hope your group enjoys it…
      I confess I don’t know what Zumba is!
      Which part of Northern England do you reside in?

      1. I live in Cumbria in a village called Blennerhasset (yes it sounds like something from The Archers) – it’s between Cockermouth and Carlisle.
        Zumba is a dance-fitness craze thing. It’s Latin American influenced and uses various rhythms like salsa. Some music is provided, but a lot of it is quite cheesey, so I’m always on the lookout for better stuff. My husband and I (now I sound like the Queen) have always liked world music and I’ve always loved dancing, so it’s a perfect combination. I’m buying him your CD for our wedding anniversary!

  3. Hi Thieves
    Just discovered you today thru Spotify’s related artist tab. Was listening to Watcha Clan and they linked to you. Loving the music so thought I’d pass the love to you. Looking forward to the opportunity to catch you live.

    Peace x

  4. Dears,
    Do you allow to use two of your pieces – LAST BAND STANDING an DERVISH TANZ – in one of my performances ehich will take place on October 12th in Vilnius at festival TARP? I can’t pay for it. But may send my CD (if you want).
    Jaan “Luulur” Malin,
    sound poet from Tartu, Estonia

  5. I’m sure the world would be a better place if more people listened to your music. You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work. Love from Cairo

    1. Hi Bozo,

      I am planning some European festivals this summer which may also include some London shows. There will be a new live page on this website soon so watch for details….

  6. Hi Aidan,

    I have recently re-discovered your wonderful energetic song, Balkan Babylon, on the East 2 West CD I got in Turkey a while back. I was wondering if you guys would be cool with me using it as a soundtrack for a personal demo reel video. I would make sure I give proper credit to the group and the song on the webpages(e.g. youtube, vimeo) where I publish my video.

    Let me know and keep up the good work!


  7. Hello! So excited for the new album! Any UK gigs coming up? Would especially love to see you at a festival!

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